Site Re-Design & Site Design for Small Office / Home Office Businesses

SOHO Business (Small Office/Home Office). "Classic" small business, Medium-sized businesses.

Companies like these who need web design, websites, site re-design services, but who cannot devote a portion of their budget to employing a full-time web designer or webmaster can rely on Too many times smaller businesses seek out web designers to design or re-design their web site based solely on cost, not knowledge or experience. Sadly they often end up with someone claiming to be a web designer, whose web site design "experience" does not include a grasp of HTML, how to use it, and how not to use it.

Divergent Studio believes that SOHO businesses should not be limited to low quality "imitation web site builders" and strives to provide professional-level service and design at a reasonable cost. Building a good business web site for your company requires a site builder with knowledge and experience, drive to meet and exceed expectations, and leveraging marketing and the Internet to work for you.

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